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Who We Are

Better Piping for a Better World

We have a vision for the future of pipeline integrity. It’s about using real life data and proven statistical risk models to reliably predict the future. Our Mechanistic-Probabilistic (M-P) model for assessing risk facilitates compliance and incident prevention while optimizing environmental and corporate responsibility. We’ll empower you to make informed decisions and achieve superior results through a better understanding of risk and the adoption of leading edge processes for your Integrity Management Program. 

Be part of this promising future with us. Get to know JANA, our people, and how we achieve wins for our clients in gas transmission and gas distribution.

Pipelines That Perform

Who we are is reflected in our approach to our clients. We answer to you first, approaching risk assessment, integrity management, and asset management with knowledge and innovation to ensure that your pipelines perform, now and in the future. We believe in providing you with the highest value for a fair price, and we do this by understanding and serving your requirements, needs, and expectations consistently. We apply our mechanistic-probabilistic model of risk modeling through our software applications to use your real data to empower you to achieve better asset management throughout the life of your pipelines.

Our Vision

JANA leads the world in asset management, across the value chain, for transmission and distribution pipelines. Our clients’ pipelines perform.

People, Integrity, Quality, Knowledge, and Innovation

People are our most important resource, and we have a clear vision of what JANA People are. We are dedicated and motivated, working as a team to better accomplish goals and aspirations. Within our people lies the realization of the vision and philosophies established in The JANA Way and our commitment to integrity, quality, knowledge, and innovation.

Integrity is fundamental to our very existence, both corporately and personally. When we gain your trust, respect, and cooperation, we create a thriving partnership. When we gain the trust, respect, and cooperation of all stakeholders in the industry and beyond, it creates added value for you within our working relationship. 

That reputation can only be earned by applying our knowledge and innovation with integrity to provide value and quality, and ultimately success for you, our client. We are a stakeholder in your success because it is the driving factor to ours. That’s why you are our driver and our guide in everything we do.

Our Story

JANA was born in the realm of product validation, operating the largest oxidation resistance laboratory in the world and the largest hydrostatic laboratory in North America for 15 years. Those laboratory assets were sold in 2014, allowing us to be reborn. We combined the more than three hundred million (300,000,000) hours of test data developed in our laboratory with our expertise in the mechanistic properties of piping systems into a foundational platform for solving complex business and technical problems. Our product validation work with material suppliers and manufacturers created a natural evolution to integrity management, connecting the two ends of the value chain.

A leader in integrity management, JANA’s team is comprised of Ph.D. and Masters level scientists and engineers, along with actuaries and statisticians, all of whom contribute specific expertise in piping systems, reliability engineering, and risk assessment. Together, they have developed a comprehensive approach to asset management, philosophically aligned with the ISO 55000 asset management standard.

Get to Know JANA

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Mechanistic Probabilistic Modeling

You can call it MP Modeling. We call it the better approach to modeling risk for your pipeline integrity.

See What It’s All About

Gas Transmission

  • Intelligent and scalable risk management
  • Exceed regulations with best-in-class compliance
  • Prioritize tasks in your asset management
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Gas Distribution

  • Ensure continuity of service through prevention
  • Achieve optimal compliance more efficiently
  • Resolve issues and meet strategic goals
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