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The JANA Way

From our origins in product validation and throughout our evolution to a leader in risk management for pipeline integrity, JANA has remained constant in our commitment to conducting business and working with people in a particular way. We call it The JANA Way, and we live it every day in all of our activities and interactions. Part of that way is transparency, so we openly share our Way with you.


  • We answer to our clients first: our success is predicated on the success of our clients
  • We make our clients win
  • Our client relationships are held in high regard


  • Where possible, we deliver more than is expected
  • We do not quibble on contracts; we meet the client need
  • Our value creation is reflected in our earnings


  • JANA is a team-based organization: Every single JANA person, at every level, serves JANA
  • JANA serves the client – simple service, simply given, with humility
  • We recognize and reward excellent service and performance

Managed Risk

  • Never bet the farm
  • Growth involves risks, but there are higher risks associated with not growing – make educated and well-structured decisions, knowing that not every attempt succeeds
  • Never put the client in harm’s way

Creative Destruction

  • We positively challenge the status quo
  • We drive change with intelligent, well-structured experiments
  • We envision, anticipate, embrace, and create change


  • Lifelong learning is a cornerstone of JANA
  • Continuous and efficient learning, aligned with the business need, is a key activity
  • Learning drives knowledge; actionable knowledge drives success

Our Core Values


  • We do what we say we will do
  • We have the courage to be honest
  • Every JANA person embodies this value in the way we meet our obligations towards employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders, government, and the community


  • We see not color, creed, gender – there is only JANA – and we do not tolerate disrespect
  • All JANA people, of all different natures, can and are expected to contribute in their way
  • Honesty, transparency, clarity, and empathy are critical to our success


  • Growth is necessary for ongoing business success; there is no ceiling to well-managed growth
  • We are committed to corporate growth through all available avenues: organic, resale, acquisition, partnerships, etc.
  • We are committed to personal growth through providing challenge, opportunity, and formal and informal training


  • Our reputation for quality provides a better product to our clients
  • All JANA employees accept quality and continuous improvement as fundamental to our success as professionals and as a business
  • We identify, measure, and improve against the key performance indicators of our business

Financial Success

  • A strong balance sheet builds long-term success
  • Strong earnings drive a strong company
  • Strong, positive cash flow ensures the life of the company
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Mechanistic Probabilistic Modeling

You can call it MP Modeling. We call it the better approach to modeling risk for your pipeline integrity.

See What It’s All About

Gas Transmission

  • Intelligent and scalable risk management
  • Exceed regulations with best-in-class compliance
  • Prioritize tasks in your asset management
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Gas Distribution

  • Ensure continuity of service through prevention
  • Achieve optimal compliance more efficiently
  • Resolve issues and meet strategic goals
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