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We form strategic partnerships with our clients and to benefit our clients

To provide more value to our clients, we collaborate with a select number of experts in software, pipeline integrity, and risk management. In sharing the best of our knowledge with the best of theirs, we create innovative solutions that are leading the oil and gas industry to new heights of pipeline integrity planning, management, and optimization.

Meet Our Partners


Copperleaf was founded with the sole purpose of bringing Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) solutions to market. Copperleaf advocates the need for risk-based decision methodologies. This includes full lifecycle costing, integration of operations, engineering, planning, asset management and finance, and the use of a continuous process spanning all time horizons for asset investment planning and management. Copperleaf’s C55 software is the industry leading Asset Investment Planning and Management decision analytics software solution and pairs well with JANA’s risk modeling and Integrity Management software and approach. C55 is a purpose-built, enterprise-wide, AIPM solution that supports a risk-informed, evidence-based approach to budgeting and strategic asset planning. It connects disjointed processes with a single integrated solution for asset analytics, financial and performance modeling, investment portfolio identification, optimization, budgeting, and variance analysis. Together, JANA and Copperleaf developed CIM software solution to support Integrity Management for Distribution and Transmission Pipeline Systems.

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Associated Technology Pipeline Ltd. (ATP)

JANA has partnered with ATP to provide a comprehensive Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) Solution to North American pipeline operators. ATP has over 20 years of experience in the creation and commissioning of automated systems for managing various forms of pipeline transportation. JANA’s PIMS Solution, via PiMSlider®, has been specifically developed based on the combined expertise of JANA and ATP to address the integrity management needs of North American pipeline operators for transmission pipelines, distribution pipelines, and facilities. JANA’s intimate knowledge and involvement in North American pipelines ensure that the ongoing technical and regulatory needs of pipeline operators are supported and addressed, while ATP’s technical software expertise ensures efficient implementation and software functionality. This partnership allows clients in North America to access the power of PiMSlider® with the service of JANA to address their TIMP needs.

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Impact Solutions

JANA has partnered with Impact Solutions to validate Impact’s patented plastic pipe non-destructive testing (NDT) technology for the North American polyethylene (PE) pipe market. Founded in 2002, Impact is a spin-off from BP Chemicals, with many team members having 40+ years of experience. Combining Impact’s knowledge and expertise with JANA’s intimate understanding of the forces driving the North American piping market, we have developed an easy to use NDT technology, allowing quick and simple analysis of electrofusion interfaces. Due to its low cost and simplicity, this technology can be used cost-effectively on all electrofusion joints and service connections on a pipeline to check for misalignment and poor fusion caused by contamination or under/overheating. If used as a standard form of quality control by an asset owner, it can ensure that joints are suitably fused to last the expected service life.

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Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas (BV) is a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification, delivering high-quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility. Along with JANA, BV was part of the ISO 55000 working group that developed this important standard. With solid experience and varied customer portfolios in a range of industrial sectors, particularly oil and gas, BV has knowledge and expertise to build interfaces that help companies achieve ISO 55001 compliance. JANA and BV can also form a complementary project team on assessments of pipeline data, inspections, fitness for service and remaining life assessment for operating or decommissioned pipelines.

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WKM Consultancy

JANA has partnered with Kent Muhlbauer, via WKM Consultancy, in the creation of pipeline risk management models that assist operators in making risk-based resource allocation decisions. The emphasis is on practical, user-friendly tools that are also technically robust and have the rigor to withstand analytical scrutiny. In partnering with WKM Consultancy, we work within an operator's existing integrity/risk/GIS data management organization to create comprehensive risk management applications that meet department and enterprise-wide requirements.

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Mechanistic Probabilistic Modeling

You can call it MP Modeling. We call it the better approach to modeling risk for your pipeline integrity.

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Gas Transmission

  • Intelligent and scalable risk management
  • Exceed regulations with best-in-class compliance
  • Prioritize tasks in your asset management
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Gas Distribution

  • Ensure continuity of service through prevention
  • Achieve optimal compliance more efficiently
  • Resolve issues and meet strategic goals
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