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Get to know our JANA People

JANA’s team of engineers and scientists offers a depth of experience and knowledge that we apply to the benefit of our clients. Our professionals encompass a comprehensive understanding of piping and risk assessment, implemented within JANA’s principles of integrity, innovation, and quality. Beyond our engineers and project managers, we also have a strong infrastructure in our sales, marketing, and financial management and planning personnel.

Patrick Vibien, Principal EngineerPatrick Vibien
Principal Engineer


With more than 20 years of experience in the piping industry – a large part of that focused on material formulation and performance characterization – Patrick’s passion lies in the underlying driver of pipeline performance: pipeline quality and process improvement.  As Principal Consultant, it is Patrick’s responsibility to understand the entire lifecycle of an asset through the procedures and processes that control and impact the lifecycle.  By identifying failure modes, recognizing what can cause these failures and ensuring effective barriers are put in place to adequately reduce the likelihood of failure, Patrick supports our clients in the development of Integrity Management Plans that maximize the lifetime of their pipeline assets.

Mike Whitehouse, Principal EngineerMichael Whitehouse
Principal Engineer


Mike Whitehouse is a Principal Engineer at JANA. Mike received his Bachelor of Engineering from Dalhousie University. As a Professional Engineer with experience in the automotive and Oil & Gas industries, Mike supports JANA’s clients in the development of Integrity Management Programs that maximize the lifetime of their pipeline system assets. With 18 years at the Enbridge / Union Gas family of companies, Mike’s experience is broad – including the management of all Materials-related items, oversight of pipeline joining activities, code interpretations, program management and people management – in both gas distribution and gas storage, including metal and plastic system assets.  

Emmanual Ilangko, Data ArchitectEmmanuel Ilangko
Data Architect


Emmanuel Ilangko is a Data Architect at JANA. Ilangko received his undergraduate degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Toronto. Ilangko has over 20 years of experience in Data, contributing to the development of the first Data Warehouse in North America.  He has created 18 Data Warehouses in his career, acting as the lead for 15 of those developments. With extensive experience in informatica, data modeling, data architecture and hands-on experience building data solutions, Ilangko leverages his passion for Data in the implementation of JANA’s risk models, eliminating the perceived “data barrier” for JANA’s gas distribution and transmission pipeline operator companies.

William Luff, Senior Technical Lead - Pipeline Reliability at JANA.William Luff
Senior Engineer


William Luff is a Senior Engineer at JANA.  Will received dual undergraduate degrees in Engineering Physics and Economics from Queen’s University, as well as a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto.  With more than 10 years of practical experience in Reliability Engineering and Risk Assessment, Will’s main interest is in bringing reliability engineering methods to bear on all stages of an asset’s lifecycle. Will’s graduate work was focused on developing Reliability Models for Linear Assets, and his expertise is in the development and application of quantitative risk models for energy distribution and transmission pipelines. As a Senior Engineer at JANA, Will is responsible for leveraging this experience in the development of risk models to support JANA’s clients’ Distribution Integrity Management initiatives.

James DuQuesnay, Technical Lead - Integrity Management at JANA.James DuQuesnay
Senior Implementation Lead


James DuQuesnay is a Senior Implementation Lead at JANA.  James received an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University and a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada. A Software Guru by trade but a Chemical Engineer by heart, James leverages the programming and scripting from his grad school research days to help JANA’s clients implement world-leading Integrity Management Software.  With a fundamental understanding of probability, consequence and the threats facing pipeline assets, James develops mechanistic-probabilistic risk models and effects those risk models via JANA’s Integrity Management software solutions. As Senior Technical Lead, it is James’ responsibility to ensure JANA’s clients use the most robust risk models in support of their Integrity Management initiatives. In so doing, James prides himself on his ability to understand our clients’ needs and to resolve problems quickly and effectively.

Vida Meidanshahi, Senior Technical LeadVida Meidanshahi
Senior Technical Lead


Dr. Vida Meidanshahi is a Senior Technical Lead at JANA. She has an undergraduate degree in Petrochemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Shiraz University. Vida received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University with a focus on Process System Engineering. During her 7+ years of academic research experience, Vida was involved with the development of cost-efficient processes utilizing state of art simulation, optimization and control methods. With a fundamental understanding of probability, structural reliability and statistical analysis, Vida is a leader in the development of JANA’s mechanistic-probabilistic risk models for gas transmission pipelines.


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Mechanistic Probabilistic Modeling

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